Some say this is madness

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Re: Some say this is madness

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Il have the box please!!!. Nick converted and serviced it for me. I will post a snap some getting my radio room back after 11 years so will be having a revamp !

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Re: Some say this is madness

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andrew013 wrote:
19 Sep 2019, 20:25
allways fancied a htx 100 , but all i have is a magazine pic of one lol
Bought one new when I was working for Radio Shack in Canada in 89 . Think I got 30% staff discount off at the time . Saying that someone stoke it from my storage locker before I came back to the UK :(
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Re: Some say this is madness

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This thread got me thinking about all of my past rigs, also it got me searching on t'interweb for pictures an specs of them all, the one that I couldn't think of was a President AM 40 rig, I searched and searched and not knowing it's name I found it quite difficult to pin down, in the end the detective work paid off..... It was an AR7, I loved that little rig until it got stolen from my car within minutes of walking in the house! I then had a Midland 3001 straight 40 AM, I pop riveted the upper case to the underside of my Beetle dashboard and had a DV based Firestick on the boot (Trunk) just above the number plate light..

Might get an AR7 just for the memories...

I'm getting the bug too guys!!!!! Don't tell my Mrs!!!
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Re: Some say this is madness

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There was an ebay seller last year that had about 7 brand new, old stock AR7's. Haven't seen them up for a while so he probably sold them all. I think someone on here bought one.
There's a nice, tidy one on ebay that I saw either last night or the night before.

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