md-uv380 no audio on some dmr freqs

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md-uv380 no audio on some dmr freqs

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md-uv380 right settings no audio ?????
Ive just been banging my head against the ATU trying to fathom out an issue on my md-uv380.
On setting up the freq tx,rx the talk group and cc,ts. it was receiving the signal but no audio.
its a freq i was only going to be listening to not transmitting.
I could not get audio even in promiscuous mode.whis is done by turning groupcall and private call off in the menu.

Then i stumbled on this snippet of info
If you program a DMR radio with the same RX and TX frequencies, it will default to decoding simplex or 'direct' communications (often referred to as Direct Mode'). If you set different RX and TX frequencies, it defaults to Repeater Mode. Direct Mode cannot decode a repeater signal, and Repeater Mode cannot decode a Direct Mode signal. Its the same for all DMR radios. Note you can't use Direct Mode to decode the input/uplink side of a Repeater setup, nor a system that operates with RAS.

I had put the same freq in the tx and rx. i just changed the tx freq and BINGO i have voices.

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