Jentec frequency mode switch

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Jentec frequency mode switch

Post by bigmacnz »

Hi All,

I would like to replace the frequency mode switch on my mark 4 radio. It is a 4 position switch that selects 26 thru 29mhz.

Would anyone know brand of switch I would need to buy?



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Re: Jentec frequency mode switch

Post by Mitch »

How many poles is it? How long is the shaft?

Here's a selection you can pick from :- ... h&_sacat=0
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Re: Jentec frequency mode switch

Post by astradyne »

I have an original 148 GTL-DX band selector switch here all in good working order. However it's still standard and thus only has three positions. It's a simple task to add another position though.
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Re: Jentec frequency mode switch

Post by radio pete »

we used the org cobra switches when building the mk4 & mk5 you need to mod the switch to give one more pos

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Re: Jentec frequency mode switch

Post by cb4ever104 »

I haven't came across one yet that couldn't be fixed . Maybe a broken pin on the outside might cause me to have to buy one . Had one also with a slightly bent inner select pin , but I managed to straighten that one out as well .

1) Press the 2 plastic pins together that hold the back plate on . I prefer to do it this way , rather than cutting them off .
2) Pry the back plate off gently with a miniature flat head screwdriver .
3) Strip it down making sure you mark down the order .
4) Clean out all the gunk from the flat contact surface sections with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol .
5) Gently scrape the ends of the pins , and bend them inwards slightly to improve connection .
6) Mod if necessary . There's a document on here somewhere I think that shows how to do this .
7) Rebuild , and use a soldering iron to remelt the 2 plastic pins .

Good as new .

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