Latest Edinburgh frequencies.

Scanning radio frequencies for Scotland
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Latest Edinburgh frequencies.

Post by mm0cjt »

I'm looking for updated frequencies for Edinburgh / fife
These must be of recent times like in the last few weeks.
As some of these frequencies are so outraged.

Also can someone let me know if they are decoding Edinburgh cctv and shopwatch with dsd+ and getting results.

Also looking for dmr frequencies with colour codes for Edinburgh and Fife but also Edinburgh airport.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Latest Edinburgh frequencies.

Post by scottyboy »

There is information in a post just down from this about Edinburgh airport being encrypted.
The problem is companies are monitoring these forums and folk sharing information on here and other places is flagging up and more and more places are going encrypted.
For that reason you may not find a major amount of folk posting frequencies in the open forum.

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Re: Latest Edinburgh frequencies.

Post by neil57uk1 »

Lots and lots easy to find in and around Edinbro. Spend some time searching with your scanner and you will find much of interest. If you want to know which bands to search just ask and many will help.

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