Tinysa as a radio or scanner?

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Tinysa as a radio or scanner?

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Hi all. Numpty question coming up:

Could I use a Tinysa ultra as a radio or the equivalent of what a scanner was used for, back in the day?

I primarily use pmr446 and dpmr for local comms in my neighbourhood (I’m in the UK) on HT radios without a screen. As a bonus It would be nice if I could check the frequencies my channels are set to on those radios, but my primary interest would be to scan frequencies and listen to broadcasts coming through the static from foreign countries like I used to as a kid on SW.

Would a Tinysa bring back memories of slowly turning the tuning nob on my radio as a kid and listening to what I could find?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Tinysa as a radio or scanner?

Post by DX-Digger »

No it is just a spectrum display a bit like an osciliscope just wavey lines it does not decode the signals as far as I am aware.
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