Licensed vs Unlicesed

Use this section to discuss Digital Amateur Radio operations, such as D-Star and other digitally-encoded traffic
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Licensed vs Unlicesed

Post by Sythesy »

Morning all

I love scanning and picking up any type of comms from Marine traffic air traffic dmr shopwatch dare I say pmr when there been used

My question is if I was to get a dmr id. Pass my foundation radio exam would I be gaining anything? I’m not interested talking but listening. I am able to hear my friend dmr hotspot and listen to that side of things.

Is digital haming different to analog ham radioning?

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Re: Licensed vs Unlicesed

Post by Mitch »

Basically no. Officially you're only allowed to listen to broadcasts, ham bands, CB and not much else, although people do. All you will get with a ham licence is a licence to talk on ham bands, nothing more I'm afraid so probably not much use. On the other hand you may learn some new useful stuff on a ham course and it wouldn't hurt to enquire.
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