Hello from York

Scanning radio frequencies in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire
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Hello from York

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Good Morming.
I have recently switched on my old scanner as I am sat at home on long term sick and needed to fill my days in.
I found lots have changed in the years I have not used it.
Yes the police moved to TETRA early 2000s
Followed by ambo and fire
Now store net and pub watch have gone digital.
There seems to be very little in PMR these days.
I still pick up civil and mil air..
First York on some buses as the newer buses are on the digital net work.
Is there any one here from York that have found any interesting PMR frequencies ?.

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Re: Hello from York

Post by bozzy »

Hello from York also.

There is still plenty to listen too, especially on digital.

Fit a tap to your scanner and download DSD+ so you can get digital but you will need a good external antenna in your location.

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