200 site DMR system being installed?

Scanning radio frequencies for the South East
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200 site DMR system being installed?

Post by scanking1 » 12 Dec 2013, 16:35

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Re: 200 site DMR system being installed?

Post by RogerD » 12 Dec 2013, 17:21

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Re: 200 site DMR system being installed?

Post by phillmobile » 15 Dec 2013, 17:46

If these people are going to do it for 7.50 who is going to pay 30 quid for a radio that makes them sound like a dalek

http://www.wireless-mag.com/Features/27 ... stry_.aspx

Maxxwave on PMR wide area networks

Samuel Hunt, director of Maxxwave, looked at whether people still want wide area network (WAN) radio sites in the UK. Maxxwave specialises in radio mast installation, site engineering and mobile radio installation among other skills.

He said: ‘Do people want WAN radio sites still? I think the answer is yes, because mobile operators are concentrating more on data than voice now. However, people are turning away from WANs, because they either can’t get the masts or are no longer allowed to put up their own.’

Maxxwave sells its own range of four kinds of lattice masts from little ones right up to 104m (341ft) – ‘higher than you need to go’. The company can set up WANs and on-site hand portable radio systems, although a distributed aerial system and 100% coverage is needed to get full in-building coverage.

He stressed that Maxxwave insists on proper radio site installation methods. He said that a properly engineered site, goes a reasonably long way and deals with interference and intermodulation issues. One of Maxxwave’s key sites is sited on Highgate Hill in north London and features a 420ft aerial.

Maxxwave now owns 12 sites around the country, which between them cover most of the UK. ‘We wondered what would happen if we connected all our sites up, so secured national radio channels to do this and did it,’ says Hunt. The result is Maxxwave’s Ambitalk network.

Ambitalk offers a two-tier scheme of £7.50 a month per unit for airtime only, which is aimed at occasional users and a £5 a month tariff if the user meets certain criteria. The network aims to provide full national coverage by Easter 2014 – this may slip to the summer. ‘It will be the largest PMR network in the UK,’ says Hunt.

Wide area radio remains the company’s main focus. Hunt said he used two different suppliers: Skymasts for aerials (as the quality and customer service are very good); and Tait Communications for terminals, as they are ‘proven to perform, consistently, reliably’.
- See more at: http://www.wireless-mag.com/Features/27 ... xPDQX.dpuf

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