First JS8 digi-only worldwide contest

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First JS8 digi-only worldwide contest

Post by andrew30 »

I've decided to run (probably) the first JS8-only (digital mode) worldwide contest on CB band. It will be run in 2 phases, trial run (27th Dec) and the "real thing" (TBA). The point here is surprisingly, not to make the most QSOs, but to ragchew, with as many as 10 exchanges counted towards your point tally.
I made a PDF file explaining the whole thing in detail (see attached)

If you wish to participate in the trial run, register here:

1st phase is done primarily to test CONDX for the "real thing"

WHEN: 27th December 2020, on 25th C-band channel, 27245kHz, USB
WHERE: Worldwide, with Europe as centre of activity
FREQ: 27245kHz, with eventual QSY down by 5 or 10kHz in case of QRM

Optional: If you wish to join the relay at the end - it'd be helpful to have you in 'JS8 on 11m' Telegram group, for easier coordination if it gets stuck somewhere -
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Re: First JS8 digi-only worldwide contest

Post by bigpimp347 »

Are you allowed to take part if you're in an opposite sex relationship ?
and don't have any self hard prevention orders against you ?

Asking for an acquaintance. (he has no friends as he's in to digital modes)
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Re: First JS8 digi-only worldwide contest

Post by MrWeetabix »

How did this go Andrew? Do they have a date for the real thing yet? I had been playing about with JS8 at the end of last year but never had masses of contacts on it. Hopefully as 11m improves this year it will come into its own
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