Just a quick guide on Hytera cps password protection

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Just a quick guide on Hytera cps password protection

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So I thought I'd write up a quick guide on password protected Hytera radios that are password protected at CPS raed/write level to help any people out there who have bought a secondhand Hytera radio that has password protection as there seems to be many people out there wanting answers to this problem. This guide mainly applies to the PD7XX Series Hytera radios.

First of all I'll talk about the CPS password protection and why its on there.

Many used Hytera radios will have a CPS password protection password on them, this is because when businesses purchase a set of radios they are programed by dealers or the manufacturer who puts a password on the radios at CPS level to protect the code plug, the password is also to stop customers unlocking licensed features or fiddling about with things. The manufacturer/dealer does not want to lose a sale also they will be reluctant to give the customer the password. Often the people using their radios have no idea that there radios have a CPS password many don't even know about CPS Programming software, they just know about how to use a two way radio and that's all they need.

Eventually these radios become old/surplus to there requirements and its often cheaper for them to buy new radios so there old radios either get recycled or sold off and end up falling into the hands of radio hobbyists like Hams or somebody who just wants a cheap PMR radio for work.

Now for the password override.

The first thing your going to want to do is try the "Reset Default Data" option if you get an error to say Default Data version does not match the default files then you have the wrong CPS for your firmware that is on your radio.

Your CPS software is firmware dependent when it comes to using certain features. The first thing you'd need to do is check your firmware version and your CPS version. for example if your firmware is A4.02.05.006 and your CPS is version V8.06.01.010 then your not going to be able to reset your radio.

You will need to upgrade your firmware. Download and install your firmware. Next you'll need to put your radio into firmware mode. Plug your USB programming cable into your radio from the computer with your radio in the off position press and hold the PTT while pressing and holding the orange button at the top of the radio and turn on your radio until you hear a sound from your computer to let you know its connected then upgrade your firmware.

Upgrading firmware is a step by step process so you'll need to follow the upgrade procedure.

If your radio has very old firmware like V1 ,V2, V3, V4, then it can be very hard to find a firmware upgrade.

Once you have upgraded your firmware check your CPS version. You need 3 numbers to match so for example if your running CPS version V8.06.01.010 then your firmware will have to start with V8.06 the rest of the numbers do not matter. Once you have a CPS to match your firmware your good to go and reset your radio by selecting the Reset Default Data in the CPS.

Your radio is now reset with no read or write passwords.

Hope this helps people who have bought a secondhand Hytera radio.
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