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Programing Hytera Radios

Posted: 09 Oct 2019, 19:54
by Werthers
I'm a bit confused about something with the programming on Hytera radios.

I have programed a Hytera PD785 and also a PD705 LT and repeater channels are ok but the simplex channels aren't giving the correct frequencies especially the analog channels.

So I programmed in 8 different simplex frequencies but all 8 channels are coming out on channel 1 on RX & TX its happened on both radios so I know there's something I've not done correctly in the programming software. I have checked everything and can't see anything obvious that I need to set or haven't set. My guess is its probably something to do with the Zones or scan lists but not sure. I only have 2 zones setup for now but will be adding more zones later on.

Could anybody tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong?

Re: Programing Hytera Radios

Posted: 09 Oct 2019, 22:33
by Werthers
So for example I have programmed the following channels below...

01. 433.4000 MHz RX --- 433.4000 MHz TX
02. 433.4250 MHz RX --- 433.4250 MHz TX
03. 433.4500 MHz RX --- 433.4500 MHz TX
04. 433.4750 MHz RX --- 433.4750 MHz TX
05. 433.5000 MHz RX --- 433.5000 MHz TX
06. 433.5250 MHz RX --- 433.5250 MHz TX
07. 433.5500 MHz RX --- 433.5500 MHz TX
08. 433.5750 MHz RX --- 433.5750 MHz TX

But when testing back to back with another radio programmed to the same frequencies I receive Channel 01 "433.4000" on all channels from 1 to 8 and also the transmit frequency is the same across all 8 channels.

I've programmed many radios before and I've never had this problem. I only encounter this problem on the DMR Hytera radios.

For my Digital Simplex frequencies which are programmed in another Zone I have the same as above except the for the calling channel which is 438.6125 MHz and then these extra ones:

09. 438.5875 MHz RX --- 438.5875 MHz TX
10. 438.6000 MHz RX --- 438.6000 MHz TX
11. 438.6250 MHz RX --- 438.6250 MHz TX
12. 438.6375 MHz RX --- 438.6375 MHz TX
13. 438.6500 MHz RX --- 438.6500 MHz TX

I haven't tested the digital TX frequencies yet as I don't have my DMR I.D but will be getting it soon, plus I could end up keying a repeater if the simplex channels are not properly set up which wont be good.

Re: Programing Hytera Radios

Posted: 10 Oct 2019, 19:30
by Werthers
I just wanted to add that the green L.E.D is always lit. I thought I had sorted it by deselecting some of the L.E.D options in the CPS but nope its still lit.

Anyway I've been adding more channels and zones to my codeplug, I'm building it up slowly each day. I had another look in the settings to see if I could find out what I'm doing wrong in regards to the issues mentioned above but not spotted anything so far so I've continued to add more zones and channels for now, hopefully I'll get the other issues sorted out sometime soon.

I've got 5 zones programmed now.

I filled in Zone 1 with 70cms Digital Repeaters.

Zone 2 has 16 analog 70cms repeaters.

Zone 3 has 70cm's digital simplex which is only 13 channels in that zone. I'll make a separate zone for the analog 70cms simplex channels.

Zone 4 has 16 PMR simplex analog channels

Zone 5 has scanning frequencies like security, shop watch etc RX only.

I'll be adding some more talk groups as well.

Re: Programing Hytera Radios

Posted: 11 Oct 2019, 11:50
by Werthers
So I've downloaded a codeplug from a Ham site, now I can compare my codeplug that I've written to the codeplug I downloaded and take a look at the settings then look at the settings in my codeplug to see what is amiss. I expect it will be something in the TX RX settings and scan lists/etc