Radioddity GD-77

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Re: Radioddity GD-77

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paulears wrote: 14 Aug 2017, 18:18 ...

Quick question...Can you solidly confirm that the GD77 and software are compatible with Vista. The company denies this, though they say it supports XP?
Additionally, a Amazon review from early-mid 2017 noted that it was sketchy with this OS.
Love to hear about your experiances using Vista with this product.
Thanks very much for your consideration.

Unlocking the software is weird though - and the code doesn't come with the radio. Works on XP, Vista and Windows 8.1 so far with no connectivity issues at all - auto sensing comms port too!
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Re: Radioddity GD-77

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Should I order one of these j stead of an MD-390? Are they good enough to make the price saving worthwhile, or am I better not being a tight git and spending the extra few quid?
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