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RM 160p gone belly up :(

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 19:55
by Raverrst
As in title I’ve been using a RM 160p amp in the mobile for 12months with no problem, only driving 4watts in on ssb, the last few times I’ve used it I’ve been getting complaints that it’s sounding terrible, so removed amp and set up at the qth and yes it sounds clippie as hell! Was fine no problems with sweet audio, nothing to my setup has changed, swr is 1.1, amps putting out the same power around 60watts, any thoughts guys as to why it suddenly gone like this?

Re: RM 160p gone belly up :(

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 22:09
by Raverrst
Also would seem it’s not allowing full power from the rig through amp when switched off 🤔

Re: RM 160p gone belly up :(

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 22:30
by Black Spirit
Was it on a different radio in the house, Or same one as it may be the radio.

Is it the red one or blue ? [Im not even sure if there is a blue Mosfet version but asking just incase there is], The red one with single SD1446/MRF455 is class C so SSB audio would have some "Raspiness" too it, I have a 160p and i only use it on FM due to it being class C.

But your issue may be dry joint on one of the coils or a bad relay Possibly just loose screws, If the SD1446/MRF455 is damaged then its not worth fixing, Unless you can find a transistor somewhere cheap, This is unlikely though as you say its doing 60w with 4w in which would be correct.

Re: RM 160p gone belly up :(

Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 23:02
by Raverrst
Yeah used the same radio from the mobile in the house and tried another with the same results, somethings certainly happened as the audio was 100%, it’s the old red type 160p with as you say with a single sd1446 in it, there’s two relays of the same type, could I simply swop them over, does one do the pre amp only?