Icom IDAT info update

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Icom IDAT info update

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I read the post by wind in the antenna here about IDAT boards, and thought I'd add my experience. The header cable from my IDAT board isn't fully populated, so I had to swap some wires around for the features I need (mic in, etc). The wires were also different colours, so I've listed numbers and functions only. Here is my IDAT pinout configuration as seen from the front of the radio looking back, left to right:

Code: Select all

D15 pin nr - IDAT pin nr - Function - Direction - Note

14 - 1 - PTT in - IN - GND this for PTT
5 - 4 - Disc. Out - Out
7 - 10 - Busy Out - 5V Sq - OUT - 0V on open
3 - 11 - Aud In - In - Audio in
4 - 5,6 - GND
9 - 5,6 - GND
I've only listed the pins I used, there are also power pins, RSSI etc which I don't need. They are listed on the post I linked to. Make sure you check your board pinouts before you do anything to confirm they match (OR NOT!!) this list before the magic smoke gets out. I'd like to get some OPC-617 cables if anyone knows where they can be had for a realistic price. Alternatively, I'd like to find out what the internal IDAT header connector is called so I can make my own cables, as my IDAT boards have had the cables cut short :/
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