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Hello from me

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 11:05
by fertred
Hi I'm from Sleaford(ish) in Lincolnshire
Back in the early '80's we had a AM rig then when FM was made legal we got one (Barracuda HB940) and coupled to a Star Duster had many a good time
When I say 'we' I mean myself, my elder brother and dad. Handles were Baby Brother(me), Tomcat(brother) and Bossanova(dad)
My dad and I were members of 'The Heavy Metal Breakers Club) which used to meet in Leadenham
Then with my dad at the time being RAF we were posted to Brize Norton and lived in Carterton(Cage Town IIRC?)
After a couple of years my brother left home and took the CB with him (it was his after all)
I saved up pocket money etc and got a nice Midland 2001
Then my dad decided to leave the RAF and we came back to Lincolnshire as my parents liked it here and bought a house
I got to the age where going out trying to pull became a main pastime and CB sort of fizzled out for me

Anyway fast forward 30 odd years and my interest has reignited
So far I've got a CRT SS-6900N
Just need to find out the best antenna for it and get one
So that's where I am at the moment

So thanks for reading my drivel and Hello

Re: Hello from me

Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 07:57
by MrWeetabix
Welcome back to radio and welcome to our little corner of the internet. We're happy to have your on the boards and we look forward to hearing how you find CB radio this time around, as a lot have things have changed since those heady days!

Welcome :thumbup:

Re: Hello from me

Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 08:47
by Auldgeek
Welcome to the TM1 forum and welcome back to the hobby. :wave:

Re: Hello from me

Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 14:09
by TheCaptain
Hello and welcome back!