help needed to set up cb oxfordshire

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help needed to set up cb oxfordshire

Post by trigger101 »

high my name is Aaron Simpson im a new to cb completely and was hoping somone who knows what there doing would help me set up my radio and antenna I am looking to set a home base in my room I have a 25ft antenna to be connected but not shure if I have everything I need I have a president mc Kinley radio and 2old midlands cbs and one I don't know what it is but I think its come out a boat. im just hoping there is somone kind enough to help me to get properly set up I live in hailey near witney Oxfordshire. I have just tried to plug and play but im not getting no were with it I been told contradicting advice on set up and been told some of the advice I was given would damage my radio so in real need of help..
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Re: help needed to set up cb oxfordshire

Post by Bigdave »

When you say not getting anywhere,do you mean its not working,not getting out,wired up wrong ????
Antenna into the swr meter,patch lead from swr meter to the radio. Job done. The radio can be damaged if your swr is high,so if you don't have a meter get one to keep an eye on things. Can you elaborate..................

Which antenna is it,have you turned it in??????
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