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fully motivated ne TangoMike Member

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Good evening Gentelman,

I am Thomas 'Tom' from Germany JN59ng, born 1970. (uh boy...)

My last QSO was back in the 80's with a 1/4 under my Parents Roof an 4w FM on the regular Freq.
Sometimes i borowed a Jackson or a Grant from a Friend but the feds. where pretty busy those days.
I made contac with Gurnsay, Norther Irland and Ile of Man..
Now I have a House on my own and next week I got my Sirio Station Keeper installed also 1/4 because of the good WAF (Wife acceptance factor) .
Bought a Lincoln II (open) and a old Grant for restoration, Registered for TangoMike.
Im Pretty stoked about.
hope to heare some of you on band this summer.

Keep on Keeping on ....
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Re: fully motivated ne TangoMike Member

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welcome to the forum tom :thumbup:
This is my Territory.....Be on your way 8)
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Re: fully motivated ne TangoMike Member

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73,s thomas
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