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Scan75 New Release

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I've just released V1.1.0.0 of the Scan75 Control Program.

This program is for the Uniden UBC75XLT, BC75XLT, SR30C scanners and the Albrecht AE75H scanner.

When you see the details of this release you will see that it is a major update not only supporting the SR30C scanner but also bringing the program to the same level of functionality as Scan125.

Scan75 is a derivative of the highly successful and respected Scan125 Control Program. Like my other software Scan75 is free and written to support charity so please consider making a donation directly to DEBRA.

See Scan75 Control Program for details.

This is for Uniden UBC75XLT, BC75XLT, SR30C and Albrecht AE75H Scanners.
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