Aor 8200 mrk3, Help needed please , pll error

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Aor 8200 mrk3, Help needed please , pll error

Post by Royroger »

First thing cheers.

Hi, there I got my aor handheld aor 8200 from eBay just a thu days ago.

The scanner got issues I think, On the screen, I am getting pll error.

The problem is I can scan from 100 to 3000 but only here anything from 100 to 50mhz any think up more the squelch go dead and need to press the moni button on the side to hear anything past 50mhz.

The radio slightly picks up fm radio stations but can here better on am, that might be an aerial problem.

Wonder what you think.

I have tried the soft reset power and clear and also the power and scan but nothing happens don't even reset all channel seem same, tried many hours no joy.

I am wondering if any of you know of a good place to get the issue solved.



If anyone got any tips or advise please type them, I have tried most internet websites for written info try them and failed .
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