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Colour Codes for DPMR

Posted: 06 Nov 2020, 13:00
by Papa Jupe
I have a Motorola XT660d, and attempting to configure the settings for scanning of dPMR channels 17 to 32.

For scanning of analogue channels 01 to 16 I ensured the PL/DPL codes for each channel were set to '000' to ensure no elimination.

So far so good..

However, the DPMR channel settings confuse me.

The default settings appear to be as follows:

CHAN 17 446.103125 Color code–1
CHAN 18 446.109375 Color code–2
CHAN 19 446.115625 Color code–3
CHAN 20 446.121875 Color code–4
CHAN 21 446.128125 Color code–5
CHAN 22 446.134375 Color code–6
CHAN 23 446.140625 Color code–7
CHAN 24 446.146875 Color code–8
CHAN 25 446.153125 Color code–9
CHAN 26 446.159375 Color code–10
CHAN 27 446.165625 Color code–11
CHAN 28 446.171875 Color code–12
CHAN 29 446.178125 Color code–13
CHAN 30 446.184375 Color code–14
CHAN 31 446.190625 Color code–15
CHAN 32 446.196875 Color code–16

When configuring the channel settings I see options for '000', but also 'AUTO'.

There's no indication in the manual of what 'AUTO' actually does here. But it's unclear to me whether setting '000' will result in the same behaviour as for the analogue channels, ensuring no elimination.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Please note that I don't have another DPMR radio, otherwise it would be reasonably straight forward to test.

Thanks in advance.