Ubcd3600xlt Trunking discovery and Lnc finder.

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Ubcd3600xlt Trunking discovery and Lnc finder.

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Hi i have found a frequency that is Nxdn, 441.0875 and the split is 426.5875. I have put them both in my scanner.
Is it the trunk discovery i run first or the Lnc finder? Been at this for a week now, After putting the .bin file on the scanner i finally have sentinel seeing the Nxdn option. Any help appreciated thanks. Location Flint North Wales.
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Re: Ubcd3600xlt Trunking discovery and Lnc finder.

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Have you sorted this now?

Your not going to hear anything on that, and with only a single frequency I doubt it will be a trunk.

Set the frequency up as a conventional system, only put 441.0875, you do NOT, to my knowledge and belief need the TX to Repeater frequency, only the TX from the repeater, your RX (441.0875) is needed.

Set the modulation as Auto and sit and see what happens.

Normally a Trunk will have multiple frequencies, making it impossible without a trunk scanner to follow the voice conversation. Again, with only one frequency, I am 98% sure, it’s not a trunk.

In the case of setting up a trunk, once you have found all the frequencies, created a System and dept, that’s when to start the LCN finder. This can take ages depending on how busy the site is, whether indeed the frequencies are correct etc. One all the LCN’s have been found, follow the on screen instructions agreeing to everything.

Once you have the LCN, check them by editing frequency, if for example you have a 1,3,4 your missing a frequency for LCN 2.

Once all that’s sorted, then run the Trunk Discovery.

Hope the above helps.

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