449 UK simple irritating noise?

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Re: 449 UK simple irritating noise?

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yagiman wrote: 05 May 2021, 19:33 Is Whistler any good
I have the Trx1 works well.
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Re: 449 UK simple irritating noise?

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I'm getting the same noise on 449.400 MHz with analog transmissions going over the top of it.
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Re: 449 UK simple irritating noise?

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Just started using my analogue scanner an i'm picking up transmissions on 449.400 MHz but with the whooshing sounds behind it I can't make out what is being said, I know the word 'Warehouse' was mentioned but that's about it. For someone reason my TRX-1 is refusing to pick it up...
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Re: 449 UK simple irritating noise?

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deadite66 wrote: 30 Apr 2021, 15:02 using a baofeng dm1801 with the recently deceased opengd77 firmware, using it to listen into DMR. you can disable cc and tg filtering.

it can't scan ranges but i usually find frequencies via SDR.
I found out you can scan ranges using the opengd77 firmware, if you hold the up arrow for long whilst in VFO mode you are presented by a frequency range in which you can set to scan and clicking the up arrow again commences the scan.

I have also found the sweep display useful activated in VFO mode by holding long press the hash key. It mimics an SDR/panadapter display by sweeping through whilst showing signal strength.
https://github.com/LibreDMR/OpenGD77_Us ... sweep-scan

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Re: 449 UK simple irritating noise?

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thanks, opengd77 is really nice f/w glad they worked out the DMCA problems.
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Re: 449 UK simple irritating noise?

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Probably Nexedge - my radios make that strange chuffing noise.
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