uniden UBC-355CLT

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uniden UBC-355CLT

Post by Niloc » 28 Jul 2019, 12:13

Hello all,

Noob here. So please be gentle!

I am interested in purchasing a uniden UBC-355CLT with the intention of installing it within my vehicle. I live in a busy(ish) city, with two airports nearby as well as a busy dock. Just wondering what people’s experience and opinions are on this kit and what type of discussions I may pick up?

I recently went to a viewing ground for a nearby Airport and noticed quite a few people with their cars litres out with antennas, expensive looking kit - I’m assuming this will be linked to scanners to hear what’s coming & going?

I’m an absolutely noob with this, I used to use a CB not so long ago, but never got round to replacing it, so thought whilst I’m intrigued-I would try the scanning!


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Re: uniden UBC-355CLT

Post by Smoggie1979 » 29 Jan 2020, 08:59

Used to use CB radio myself in the late 1990's early 2000's.Unfortunately they was using illegal burners.By law you can only use 4 Watts.Also was other idiots using Burners illegal to use 50 & 100 Watts.Also channel 19 was also blasted by music players.I own a Uniden UBC92XLT treat myself to a scanner.Haven't owned 1 since i was able to listen to Cleveland Police in the 1990's.Moved on from CB radio.Radio scanners this Uniden UBC92XLT has 25 to 960 Mhz frequency range & the UK CB radio frequencies are in them.Stored the UK channels 19 frequency in my Uniden UBC92XLT.Nothing new the frequency is quite.With a bit of luck OFCOM have clamped down on the music players & these burner users.Burners are illegal obviously as they increase power to the transmitter in the CB radio the transmissions will reach many 100s of miles instead of 20.

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Re: uniden UBC-355CLT

Post by Mikel » 31 Jan 2020, 10:05

I have got and regularly use 2 Uniden scanners, the UBC72XLT and the UBC3500XLT, which I don't think are available new any longer.

I only use the UBC72XLT for its superb Close Call function and is a nightmare (for me!) to use for anything else. The UBC3500XLT is very good for airband use as it covers the civil and military bands.

I have no experience of the UBC-355CLT and if it is only civil air frequencies that you want to monitor then it may be fine for your purposes, but I don't think it covers the military air band if your interest lies there.

There is a review of the UBC-355CLT on this very site that may prove useful to you:


If it were me, for car use I would probably choose a handheld model with a mobile phone type holder, but obviously that's up to you.

Have a look on the Nevada radio site:

https://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/category/ ... erby=price

Or Moonraker who also offer a good range:

https://www.moonraker.eu/scanners-recei ... rder=price

I have had very good service off both these sellers for a number of years now, but let us know what you decide.
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