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**WTR BROWSER** Version 2.0 released

Posted: 09 Nov 2017, 11:43
by Metradio
Version 2.0 released

***Now works on all windows machines***, with or without office installed.
The one and only offline frequency finder that uses the ofcom database. Mapping uses internet connection.
Various search methods are available, frequency + grid, name + grid, grid search.
Click a result to view on mapping (ultra fast)
Save your result to import to your scanner, the Whistler Scanner at the moment is compatible, others to be addded soon.
Find linked frequencies, this will find any other frequencies in the same grid reference area.
Combined searches for different grid reference areas.
Grid finder websites built in links, find your grid reference numbers for searching.
Program will now tell you if your version is current or not.
Regular updates and improvements.
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***FREE*** test (the grid and frequency are locked but full options are operational) allows you to see what the capabilities are of WTR BROWSER.
The price is a one off payment of £5, free updates. ... trjGa?dl=0