Using DSD+ With SDR# on Spyserver remote SDR'S

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Using DSD+ With SDR# on Spyserver remote SDR'S

Post by solarstorm » 10 Sep 2019, 08:58


I have just started getting back into the scanning hobby after a long break. Ive been trying out some of the remote Spyserver sdr's (see attached image)

Im however trying to tune to some of the the DMR frequencies to decode with DSD + but seem to have alot of difficulty with this.

i find on most of these remote sdrs i connect to that on NFM the bandwidth maxes out just under 10khz (think i need 12.5khz for TRBO?)

Sometimes i might get the occasional broken audio through but get alot of errors (see image)

ive even tried using WFM with about 15k but still get the errors?

Can anyone advise if its likely to be my sound settings , im still quite new to using SDR# and DSD , also because im receiving the signals over the internet rather than from my own RTL dongle can latency also be an issue?

please advise.
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Re: Using DSD+ With SDR# on Spyserver remote SDR'S

Post by radiosification » 18 Sep 2019, 09:58

I would think that these remote SDRs work by demodulating in the settings you choose on the software and then compressing the audio before streaming it to you. When the audio is compressed it would lose some fidelity so won't be good enough to decode from.
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