Zello and Boafangs

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Zello and Boafangs

Post by Kaos » 29 Apr 2017, 17:38

Evening gents.

Looking to make an internet gateway based on the Zello software, but am struggling with one half of it.

Zello software installed and OK.
Baofang hooked up to PC and will TX when called via Zello app. VOX on radio set for this.

My problem is when calling on the VHF CB channel (Freenet ch 6) i cannot get audio from the RX radio to the computer. I know the radio RX's ok as I can hear it before I hook it up to computer. Volume is set to an OK level. Just no audio from radio to computer.

I am using 2 3.5mm stereo leads with a 2.5mm adaptor for the speaker output.

Am I missing a setting anywhere?

Anyone able to help lease?

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Re: Zello and Boafangs

Post by radiosification » 30 Apr 2017, 16:50

Try listening in to the microphone on the computer and see if you hear it. If you can, and it's loud enough, you might need to adjust the sensitivity settings in zello. Funnily enough I did a video on this just yesterday. Maybe something in the video would be helpful:
If you're interested in digital voice, check out my YouTube channel:

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