Baofeng UK Marine channels file

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Baofeng UK Marine channels file

Post by grafter »

I was asked to write a file for a GT-3TP this weekend so thought I may as well share it on here, this will upload using Chirp set to a UV-5R. This is the third GT3 I've programmed for marine band and none of them having the annoying internal birdie on 156.0MHz Channel 0 that is a problem with some of the other models.

Channel 0 is programmed with a large split but given that it's a two second job to manually enter and transmit anywhere on VHF there doesn't seem much point censoring the original file.
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my friend grafter, seems like you are using a very offensive tone in the reply.

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Re: Baofeng UK Marine channels file

Post by MickeyFKNMouse »

I have a gt3tp and I have the birdie on 156.0 I always have to exclude this from scanning and manually select it.
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Re: Baofeng UK Marine channels file

Post by LeakyFeeder »

16 and ch0 are the two main channels to listen to.. there are also 7channels ALB to Y boat that are worth listening to

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Re: Baofeng UK Marine channels file

Post by WARLOCK »

Hi LeakyFeeder, please can yoy explain more about these ALB to Y channels ,I live on the wash in norfolk so they could be usefull to me ,

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