446 Repeater - Offset?

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Re: 446 Repeater - Offset?

Post by RogerD »

Like I said on 17th June :mrgreen:

don't know why I bother sometimes ..... :lol:
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Re: 446 Repeater - Offset?

Post by Repeaters »

You could use a duplex filter, there are loads on feebay for about £20, it will need tuning to the correct freqs.

Commenting on the previous thread, use 433 as an input and 446 as an output of the repeater you propose.

Or other options also mentioned, do your amateur ticket, or buy a used commercial repeater, there are masses around on feebay for silly cheap money, there are people buying the "suppliers light" liceence at £75/ 5 years and there are loads of freq pairs and band to use!!
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Re: 446 Repeater - Offset?

Post by Black_Pirate »

Why not run eqso or a frn link on cb cept chat to Australia or Austria... As long as there's WiFi near...more interesting in my opinion ... Just a thought
looking for propagation for 2013 and beyond... Operating close to the Edge....
of reason......and the Quantocks...
Didi modes (JS8 on 27.245 usb) txt messages via radio lol at minus- 10 to 20 db..... 😊 See FB page...

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Re: 446 Repeater - Offset?

Post by rpcomms »

Forget off seting using freq shift on PMR446\CB,the simple method Ive developed and tested is use split ctcss on a simplex channel
Use Parrot mode
use proper busy detection,VOX detection is crap,can use Busy LED to pull a 5-8V dc ttl level for gpio

Base Radio TX 27.125 tone 67.0Hz
Base Radio RX 27.125 tone 118.8Hz

Mobiles/HTs TX 27.125 tone 118.8Hz
Mobiles/HTs RX 27.125 tone 67.0Hz

can use busy channel lockout on HTs and MObiles

You will now have semi-duplex via CTCSS and can use single ariel working on base radio.

lot of cb sets (pc programmable) and commercial PMR446/449 or LMR radios can do this split tone mode.

YES-ull need some hardware for interfacing the base radio via a controller (hardware or software) and some gpio to RS232

Base Radio Connection functions
MIC AF In 600-1K Z
AF OUT 150-550mV 600-2K Z Fixed Audio Squelched
Busy Out-TTL 5-8V dc when busy,0V when not busy
PTT OUT-Use to control 12V fan via relay-Keep Base radio Cool

IF Using PC Controller

YES Kit investment will be required,battery 12V UPS I would advise to if using PC controller or hardware base one.

11m 10m band duplexes are mechanically difficult to fabricate and test,so split freq is best avoided.

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