Handheld Bluetooth VHF/UHF

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Handheld Bluetooth VHF/UHF

Post by matt_brown45 »

I am currently looking for a relatively cheap dual band uhf/vhf handheld that supports Bluetooth (similar to the Cobra Marine HH500)

Something that I can connect my phone to and dial phone numbers and call contacts etc.

Not sure if something like this exists

Hope you can help


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Re: Handheld Bluetooth VHF/UHF

Post by 2E0UCW »

The only 2 BT VHF/UHF radios are the Senhaix 8800 [bluetooth programmable] and the Anytone dual band DMR radios [bluetooth audio].
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Re: Handheld Bluetooth VHF/UHF

Post by radiosification »

I have never heard of a radio supporting connecting to your phone to dial numbers and make calls. Usually they connect to a bluetooth earpiece or headset for audio. What would be the benefit of connecting a VHF/UHF radio to your phone over bluetooth?
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Re: Handheld Bluetooth VHF/UHF

Post by Metradio »


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