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Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 08:04
by original45
I have been looking at antenna wire for a permanent install from top of garden in trees to house.
So lightweight isn't my first choice due to wind and wear.
Need something strong ,stealth ish and maybe 150 watts minimum.

I'm looking to make a end fed dedicated 80 mtr at present.have already got the 49:1 transformer.

Seen sotabeamd do a green light weight 100 mtrs and heavy duty 50 mtrs but as I may get it wrong and I'm sure make something else I will consider 100 mtrs ish required.

So what do you home antenna makers use that's good and won't break the bank please.
Thank you

Re: Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 11:41
by dt630
Try & find some D10. This is wire used by the Army for comms. You can tow a car with the stuff.
It can be a bit of a bugger to work with.
I've made many an antenna out of it & have never had one snap.
Also on the tensoning use bungy cord or a 5 litre can filled with water as a weight so the antenna can side under windy conditions.


Re: Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 13:52
by original45
Cheers will look for that. Some of this wire is crazy expensive.
Sotabeams stuff seems cheapest for h duty 17 awg .
But still looking and listening for advices.

Re: Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 15:03
by ch25
Enamelled copper wire.
And stay away from endfed if you like your neighbours.
Some reading at your favourite poison: ... 9-EFHW.pdf

Re: Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 16:26
by original45
Cheers Chris,the first link I had read whilst looking for antennas. I'd have gone for a half wave diapole horizontal with a9:1 transformer I believe but feeding in centre will be difficult for me.
End fed will be half the hassle and easier to get 20 ft up a tree vertical the rest horizontal inverted L.
I have a quality 49:1 transformer already to utilise .

I did look at a Miliband wire but I understand for use in 80 mtrs requires some form of coil .
So I assumed a half wave wire for 80 endfed was easier.
That and the fact I am not at all technical and only have the built in atu on the 450d .
So I'm after wire, and a simple endfed instruction that a none technical going to get confused n give up can follow.

Re: Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 20:13
by ch25
End fed need counterpoise.
Your neighbour TV cable, gutter, etc. That antenna is a big trouble.

Re: Antenna wire ,which and where ?

Posted: 31 Aug 2020, 23:54
by MrWeetabix
If you're feeding in the centre, it's not an end-fed anymore ;-)