newbie question

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newbie question

Post by tvelocity »

Hi all

Just programming my scanner and have a silly question to ask.

I've noticed some frequencies seem very close together on the airband range, for example 135.525MHz & 135.530MHz, and 129.100MHz & 129.105MHz.

Can I just clarify these are completely different frequencies assigned to different stations?


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Re: newbie question

Post by Massum »

The airband is going to 8.33 spacing to allow more frequencies to be used.
A link to pooleys ... _feb19.pdf gives airport changes from the old to the new.
You can find ATC frequency changes from this site ... mid=2.html
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Re: newbie question

Post by Chris Cross »

Morning everyone, would someone please explain what airband is ? i was looking at what topic's their was and saw airband and would like to know what it is all about and what kind of radio i would need. thank you.

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Re: newbie question

Post by scan125 »

Airband is basically the frequency band range from 108MHz AM to 137MHz AM. This frequency range is an International designation and is use solely for civilian commercial and private Aircraft, Airports and associated services such as Ground Control, Approach, Dispatch, ground services etc. Some frequencies in this band are used by microlites, parachute jumpers etc.

These is another frequency band (MIL - military) from 225MHz to 400MHz. This is use exclusively by military aircraft and airfields etc. The military also use the civilian/commercial Airband when being controlled or using commercial airports.


As for radio then some commercial AM/FM radios that you would listen to your local broadcast stations on do also cover the 108-137MHz range but no higher.

In terms of a scanner type radio then a very popular model here in the UK is the Uniden UBC125XLT. In the US where you are then the equivalent model is the Uniden BC125AT.

Note that the two I mention are what are commonly referred to as Analogue scanners. The can only receive analogue modulated signals like AM, FM, NFM and SSB.

Other more expensive scanners to Analogue AND Digital signals.

Before buying a radio/scanner I would suggest you do some research as to what types of signals you are or might be interest in. Also frequencies above 100MHz are basically "line of sight" so confined to your locality.

I see you are in Buffalo, NY so you may want to read these to get an idea of what is in your area: ... es.398683/ ... -forum.52/ ... -forum.53/
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