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TAIT T2000 series 1 radio errors

Posted: 22 Nov 2021, 09:41
by vk1kv
Hi All, I have a couple of T2010-321 one is a series 11 and programs ok.
The other a series 1 give the following error: "The radio type and database version are incorrect for this product"
I have tried the V3 S/W and the older DOS PGM201X S/W, both give the same error.

Radio Type : T2010
S/W Version : STD 0103
DB Version: 0101

Any thoughts?


Re: TAIT T2000 series 1 radio errors

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 21:37
by 26mb04
Have you tried resetting it? The reset procedure is on here somewhere, it involves taking out the battery-backed IC and powering up the radio. I haven't programmed these for ages, I remember the radio version (model I, II etc) and software MUST match or it won't work. Is it a trunking version? The trunking rigs require the trunking software, regular one won't work.