President Richard - Ranger version

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Re: President Richard - Ranger version

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with a 14.460 if you were to remove the diodes you may only get Lo.Lo to Mid the diodes on top are doing High and Hi.Hi

Me personally i would prefer just one crystal and bands done with diodes, Atleast then only three inductors need to be aligned for all 5 bands, And less chance of drifting, Seriously, If its working fine as it is then leave it alone.

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Re: President Richard - Ranger version

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@Claude you are a credit to the hobby, thank you for finding those images, as i found out after seeing these all i had to do was search for J304 channel selector and more info was found.

@Black Spirit I like the sound of that, I'll live with its current config but will get a health check done since it has been maxed out by the look of things.



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