Naming and shaming ebay users...

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Naming and shaming ebay users...

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Posting potentially libellous details about specific ebay sales and specific ebay users on this forum is not allowed.

This website has nothing to do with ebay. If you choose to use ebay, you do it at your own risk.

Why should we host potentially libellous comments (that ebay wont), and that may lead to this sites owner facing the risk of prosecution or financial penalties?

We all know that ebay has its fair share of crooks and swindlers. Some may argue that ebay is the biggest crook of the lot.

If you feel you have been swindled, here is not the place to tell your story. There are official ebay and legal avenues open to you. If you feel these avenues are insufficient or are biased or unfair, then perhaps you shouldn't use their services in the first place.

ebay users beware. They aren't in it for your benefit. You have been warned.
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