AM & FM to be killed off by 2016

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Re: AM & FM to be killed off by 2016

Post by Sparkgap »

Problem is DAB in many cases can end up worse than FM, at least you can make out FM under poor signal conditions while DAB gets the digital hiccups! With more stations being crammed onto the multiplexes I know a number of broadcasters have dropped bit rates and in some cases even gone to mono!
As an aside, I was visiting an irish broadcast station in the 80s where they were planning to try AM stereo (using ISB I think) and had brought an AM stereo receiver over from the US. The receiver processing was so good that it even made ordinary AM stations sound FM quality.
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Re: AM & FM to be killed off by 2016

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Stereo AM would have been quite the feat.... :thumbup:
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Re: AM & FM to be killed off by 2016

Post by grafter »

Have a listen to this, WION Ionia, MI. The stream is taken off air from their AM stereo signal on 1430kHz.
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Re: AM & FM to be killed off by 2016

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Longwave and AM radio receives best here, FM needs a good antenna, ditto for DAB as well as DAB eating up rechargeables. You have to be selective what you hear whereas you can have AM/LW on all day.
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