Android handset with decent FM RX

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Re: Android handset with decent FM RX

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I got a work S8 but my own personal phone is a JCB dumb phone. The radio on the JCB is superb, but on the Samsung it's a bit meh.
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Re: Android handset with decent FM RX

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troffasky wrote:
19 Dec 2018, 14:10
Not really Android, but...Blackberry Q10 = awful. No mono mode and has some bizarre DSP you can't turn off that makes everything awful.

Currently using a Xiaomi Mi A1. Pretty decent, but no RDS.
Why do you want mono mode? I know I had need for it in the past when I was in a bus and wanted to share one earphone with someone else.
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Re: Android handset with decent FM RX

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As in, it wouldn't drop back to mono when the signal is poor.
Even better "feature"...doesn't let you turn on the FM radio if it hasn't seen a cell tower since it booted, because it "doesn't know what country you're in". Found that out on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere.

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