Hello to 26TM035

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Hello to 26TM035

Post by Batiscafo » 12 Jun 2009, 13:31

Thanks for the contact today, Gary.

Lots of QSB+QRM + what I thought to be an electrolytic capacitor of your equipment sweating like hell. You were QSA 5 to negative almost instantly followed by a weird noise.

Don´t know what your power was (20W from the Ranger 2950?) but you were the only UK station getting to the portuguese south coast at that time.

Regards and 55 w/ DX


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Re: Hello to 26TM035

Post by 26-tm-035 » 12 Jun 2009, 19:29

hello nice to here u 31-tm-001 miguel u was 5/7/ 5/8 into bolton lancashire 10 miles north of manchester uk

i was mobile using a ranger 2950 rci with a siro 3000 mag mount just 20 watts out of the ranger

nice to here from u hope to speak soon 73,s gary :D

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