Tango Mike DX Group - unallocated 26div calls upto unit 250

Home of the Tango Mike DX Group - Transmission1's very own CB/11m DX group. All club related chat, QSL Card downloads and membership issues/requests to be posted here.
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Tango Mike DX Group - unallocated 26div calls upto unit 250

Post by Panteneman » 03 Jun 2009, 18:53

26-TM-159 **TAKEN**
26-TM-160 **TAKEN**
26-TM-163 **TAKEN**
26-TM-165 **TAKEN**
26-TM-168 **TAKEN**
26-TM-174 **TAKEN**
26-TM-176 **TAKEN**
26-TM-178 **TAKEN**
26-TM-179 **TAKEN**
26-TM-182 **TAKEN**
26-TM-184 **TAKEN**
26-TM-185 **TAKEN**
26-TM-186 **TAKEN**
26-TM-187 **TAKEN**
26-TM-188 **TAKEN**
26-TM-190 **TAKEN**
26-TM-191 **TAKEN**
26-TM-192 **TAKEN**
26-TM-193 **TAKEN**
26-TM-194 **TAKEN**
26-TM-195 **TAKEN**
26-TM-205 **TAKEN**
26-TM-206 **TAKEN**
26-TM-208 **TAKEN**
26-TM-209 **TAKEN**
26-TM-210 **TAKEN**
26-TM-213 **TAKEN**
26-TM-216 **TAKEN**
26-TM-217 **TAKEN**
26-TM-218 **TAKEN**
26-TM-220 **TAKEN**
26-TM-221 **TAKEN**
26-TM-223 **TAKEN**
26-TM-224 **TAKEN**
26-TM-226 **TAKEN**
26-TM-227 **TAKEN**
26-TM-228 **TAKEN**
26-TM-229 **TAKEN**
26-TM-230 **TAKEN**
26-TM-233 **TAKEN**
26-TM-235 **TAKEN**
26-TM-236 **TAKEN**
26-TM-237 **TAKEN**
26-TM-238 **TAKEN**
26-TM-240 **TAKEN**
26-TM-243 **TAKEN**
26-TM-244 **TAKEN**
26-TM-245 **TAKEN**
26-TM-246 **TAKEN**
26-TM-249 **TAKEN**
26-TM-250 **TAKEN**

Please PM Myself, or Simon if there are any discrepancies between the membership list on the forum, and the Tangomike.net website of members. Regards, Mark 26-TM-666.
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