're setting up hillside activation

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're setting up hillside activation

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Hi All,
I am in the process of setting up a hillside activation bag. Looking to collect enough equipment to do this. I have most of it but wanted advice on a suitable radio for this challenge. I will use FM and SSB for dxing with a T2LT antenna and battery charger for power. I have a few radios that would cope with this but wondered what the TM DXers thought about it.
Can I get X status with TM a index this way and who do I contact ?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: 're setting up hillside activation

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how big is the battery you have ? how much power are you planning to be txing with and for how long?
This will determine your radio options, what radios have you available to use?

I think your TM callsign/portable is normal call, not to sure about the X thing.
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