Active Frequencies

Scanning radio frequencies in the West Midlands
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Active Frequencies

Post by echelon » 19 Aug 2009, 21:21

These are a sample of some of my recent scanning frequencies. They are not frequencies that are supposedly active or taken from lists, but frequencies which have actually been heard in the past month.
I haven't included any pre 30MHz or VHF airband.

31.037 NFM Analogue Cordless Phone Staffs ch.1
31.087 NFM Analogue Cordless Phone Staffs ch.3
49.860 NFM Baby Monitor (Couple having an argument) Staffs
141.375 NFM ITV Central News Feed Birmingham
141.462 NFM BBC TV Clean Feed Circuit Birmingham
145.800 NFM International Space Station D/L Space
165.162 NFM Good Hope Hospital Maintenance/Porters Sutton Coldfield
165.187 NFM Parking Wardens / Car Parks CCTV Nottingham
165.225 NFM A-2-B Taxis Tamworth 'Bee'
165.132 NFM Refuse/Recycling Collectors Tamworth ch.5
165.712 NFM Acorn Taxis Tamworth 'Acorn'
166.100 NFM NHS Patient Transport City & Sandwell Hospitals Birmingham ct 114.8
166.762 NFM Donington Park Race Control/Recovery Donington Park
216.012 WFM Sky Sports TV Live Link Edgbaston Cricket Gnd
242.200 AM RAF Air-Air Refuelling
243.450 AM Red Arrows Air-Air
255.550 NFM Pirates on FLTSATCOM
388.800 AM Mil Air Exercise, AWAC & Eurofighter aircraft
433.925 NFM Jaguar Car Remote Key Fob
440.987 NFM Refuse Collection Birmingham City Centre
443.387 NFM Midland Metro Trams Wolverhampton-Birmingham
446.006 NFM PMR446 Domestic Use Staffs ch.1
446.018 NFM PMR446 Airport Grass Cutting Teams East Midlands ch.2
446.062 NFM PMR446 Motorcycle Training School Tamworth ch.6
452.900 NFM HM Winson Green Prison Birmingham 'Juliet Hotel'
453.612 NFM CCTV / Wardens / CSO's Tamworth 'Tango'
453.700 NFM CCTV / Shopwatch / Townsafe / CSO's Tamworth 'Sierra' ct 151.4
454.025 NFM Heartlands Hospital Data & A&E Voice Paging Birmingham
454.050 NFM Birmingham Islamic Centre Coventry Road Also Call to Prayer
454.775 NFM Call To Prayer Birmingham
455.475 NFM Birmingham Airport Ground Simulcast Birmingham
455.475 NFM East Midlands Airport Gorund Simulcast East Midlands
456.050 NFM City Centre Parking Wardens Birmingham ct 165.5
456.475 NFM Birmingham University Maintenance Birmingham ct 110.9
456.525 NFM Servisair Ramp Agent Birmingham
456.600 NFM Aston University Security Birmingham ct 225.7
456.650 NFM Aston University Maintenance Birmingham ct 225.7
456.650 NFM Park & Ride Buses East Midlands Airport
456.875 NFM Shopping Centre Security Derby
461.350 NFM Snowdome Leisure Island Tamworth
834.710 FM TV Test Signal Staffs (using Icom R2)
2435.90 FM TV Domestic Wireless CCTV Camera Staffs (using Icom R2)


Re: Active Frequencies

Post by bow3500xlt » 10 Nov 2009, 00:00

good freqs there fella, av you any for north yorkshire area? im in whitby if it helps cheers

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