Replacing RG8 Mini With Cabnex RG213 Cable.

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Replacing RG8 Mini With Cabnex RG213 Cable.

Post by astradyne »

Hi guys.

Not long since I got a job-lot of stuff off ebay. Included was ten metres of Cabnex RG213 co-ax. I'm currently using RG8 Mini which seems to work well, but I'm toying with the idea of replacing it with the 213 which appears to be a very good quality cable.

Any thoughts quality/performance wise?
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Re: Replacing RG8 Mini With Cabnex RG213 Cable.

Post by MrWeetabix »

at HF (Including CB) I dont think there would be any massive difference, if any :-/

If you use RG8 at VHF or UHF then replacing those runs should produce a better performance return.

However, if the RG8 has been up a while then no harm in swapping it out, as everything has a shelf-life :-)
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