Dartmoor 10 Tors

Scanning radio frequencies for the South West
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Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by burt »

anyone got some frequencies for Dartmoor 10 Tors for this weekend
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Re: Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by swallow »

167.100 FM is Dartmoor Rescue frequency they're usually quite active for Ten Tors. Its worth having some of the search and rescue common frequencies as well 123.1 AM VHF Primary, 130.425 AM SAR Incident Freq, 132.650 AM Coastguard Aircraft Ops, 138.7 AM SAR VHF Standby, 244.6 AM SAR Control, 282.8 AM NATO SAR UHF Primary.

I believe all the teams involved are given mobile phones now but i reckon you could give the PMR446 and UK General Frequencies a scan too:

PMR 446
1 446.00625
2 446.01875
3 446.03125
4 446.04375
5 446.05625
6 446.06875
7 446.08125
8 446.09375

VHF Low Band VHF Mid Band
86.3375MHz 164.0500MHz
86.3500MHz 164.0625MHz
VHF High Band UHF1
169.0875MHz 449.3125MHz
169.3125MHz 449.4000MHz
173.0625MHz 449.4750MHz
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Re: Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by Minus1 »

Could try these too:

165.76250 NFM Dartmoor National Park 170.5625
168.25000 NFM Dartmoor National Park -

Also try Raynet / St John / Red Cross.

Possibly military frequencies active too, all 3 services involved.

Might be some ITV outside broadcast freqs too.
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Re: Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by superdave »

Will be sure to pop up to a high point sometime during the walk and see if I can get anything on this. Bank 5 on my FT7900 has pretty much all of the above covered, if they are talking I should hear it :)
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Re: Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by greg007 »

I have been up to Dartmoor this weekend but the frequencies that I put into my radio but they don't work I am afraid

look forward to your response

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Re: Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by 2E0HOO »


I have a full list if people would like to know what is used for Ten Tors and DoE
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Re: Dartmoor 10 Tors

Post by spodule »

For the Ten Tors challenge this weekend so far I've heard activity on 164.05, 449.3125, 449.4 and 449.475.

Would be interested in your list 2E0HOO.

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