Exeter Frequencies

Scanning radio frequencies for the South West
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Re: Exeter Frequencies

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chrisgclark wrote: 20 Apr 2021, 19:48 Here is the link to the wiki on Tetra
Go on do tell, what is TETRA Band ?

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Re: Exeter Frequencies

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Interesting...assuming we are talking about thier old DMR system went out of action which was used as 453.975Mhz. XPT on BP enc (10 chars).
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Re: Exeter Frequencies

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The maintainance depot adjoining Exeter St David Station has gone from 462.075 simplex to some sort of DMR repeater on the new building adjoining the station. Frequency / colour code etc as yet unknown.

The station staff now have a simplex DMR channel in addition to the usual one. 458.8125 MHz colour code 12.
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