Arriva Buses Nexedge Radios now get used less

Scanning radio frequencies for the South East
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Arriva Buses Nexedge Radios now get used less

Post by trainspotter375 » 07 Apr 2019, 13:04

The Arriva Nexedge Radio System seem to have less radio these days since the introduction of the new Ticketer bus ticket machines.

These ticket machines use vehicle tracking and Control can send drivers messages which will display on the screen and the drivers can send pre-set messages back.

The union say this is safer rather than using the hand held microphones like before.

If the vehicle is moving the driver can even print off a message on to ticket paper.
So less radio traffic for us to listen to :-(

Dont Stagecoach use a similar ticketing system?

Certainly no radio control in South East on Stagecoach, instead they just rely on ring the drivers mobile which i think is more of a distraction

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Re: Arriva Buses Nexedge Radios now get used less

Post by stratocaster » 02 Jul 2019, 07:26

Read your post, I just hope Lothian buses don't go that way, but they have a different system.
You can never have enough radios!

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