Edinburgh CCTV MAY 2019

Scanning radio frequencies for Scotland
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Edinburgh CCTV MAY 2019

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Over the last couple of days i have heard cctv in edinburgh on analouge and also the dmr drill tone that you get on that channel.
So I assume that some of the cctv is still here.

Now regarding the drill dmr tone on that frequency
Can anyone confirm that they have put the following into there dmr radio's.
ctcss 179.9
colour code 1

And is this decoding the data into audio so we can listen to the cctv the same as the analogue.

also is there any frequencies in fife using cctv analogue frequencies or digital that can be decoded using the above format.

MONDAY 6th MAY 2019 16:00
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Re: Edinburgh CCTV MAY 2019

Post by stratocaster »

I heard this myself some time ago and posted up in a previous post regarding this. As it is rarely heard, I am not so sure they are moving to DMR although it wouldn't surprise me, but it could be a shared frequency with another user such as the salvation army street teams. However, if it's dmr, you won't get a ctcss tone as the tone is the "Drill" sound you hear is the permission to talk tone and it will be a talkgroup and colour code. Ctcss is analogue so will only show up on the analogue nfm 453.0625 modulation setting. cc1 and talkgroup will show up on DMR setting for the same frequency.What you have described looks very much like frequency testing and trials. I could be wrong, but that's the image I get. Best guy to ask regarding this is Elliot G, he's way more gleaned up than myself!
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