Help identify a few local frequencies please

Scanning radio frequencies for Northern Ireland
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Help identify a few local frequencies please

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Hi Everyone

Im looking for some help to put names to or identify a few frequencies i pick up.
They dont seem to be listed on the Ofcom WTR, and others are just listed as Paterson Electronics who rent radios
all over the country to businesses. But maybe some of you out there might recognise them as a local taxi co or business.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

166.1625 ctcss 67.0 (unknown taxis)

77.6875 ctcss 74.4

78.6750 ctcss 88.5

166.3125 unknown taxi

166.8500 ctcss 71.9
166.8500 ctcss 186.2

165.5375 ctcss 118.8 (unknown taxi)

if anyone has a name for any of these i would be greatful

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