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Rioters on the busses.....

Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 07:18
by Martinedwards
listened for a couple of hours last night on 456.200 to Translink

re-routing, getting in & out of the Short Strand depot (literally round the corner from one of the main flash points) and sadly the driver who was injured and needed an ambulance.

very depressing, but very interesting!

BTW it was too frosty to get busses in & out of Mossley estate last night!

Re: Rioters on the busses.....

Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 09:09
by Adriano9966
:| I find all of this very upsetting. All this trouble over flying a flag.

I cant understand given the sensitivities of people to what flags represent especially regarding ulsters troubled past ......why someone had to make this decision in the first place.??? :roll:

:| Its like throwing a ferret into a cage full of chickens :roll:

{bnghd} They surely must have realised that this would cause trouble!

I am not from Ulster so my understanding of the problems is probably distorted by journalism but in my modest opinion Ulster can't go back to the ways of the past
as this will damage everyone there.

:roll: Can't the authority just say they made a mistake and reverse the decision???

Re: Rioters on the busses.....

Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 09:19
by Martinedwards
ulster politics.....

how long have you got? :D

yup, one side of the community sees the flag as a demonstration of an invading occupying force, like the swastika over Paris in 1941

the other sees it as the symbol of all they are and any suggestion of removing it takes away thier identity, and would be the equivelent of Buckingham Palace lowering the flag in 1942 in case it offended any Germans......

when the Nationalist (no flag) folks got a majority on the council they voted to limit the days the flag would be flown.

Unionists (Love the flag) folks see it as pure provocation (which to be fair, it was!!)

reversing the decision is a recognition that mob rule is more powerful than democracy........

there are very few easy answers in NI politics!!