warrington shop/pub watch no more

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Re: warrington shop/pub watch no more

Post by jhampton2000 » 10 Sep 2016, 09:07

moj wrote:Thanks for that jim , next question is do we know yet if the whistler range has the same feature with scanning ras enabled transmissions or is it only the unidens that can do this ?
I've been investigating. Not speaking from first hand experience, but my understanding from colleagues across the pond is that it cannot decode RAS-enabled systems in scan mode, and definitely not trunk track a RAS-enabled CAP+ system. It can decode RAS if the scanner is sat on a specific frequency. Seems like it has some catching up to do vs. where Uniden is.

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Re: warrington shop/pub watch no more

Post by moj » 10 Sep 2016, 12:33

I wonder if any uk dealers are considering selling the uniden digital scanners then like the whistler range that has appeared here in the uk , would be a cheaper option for us users instead of buying from the states , fingers crossed anyway jim :)

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