455.475Mhz, Zoo???

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Re: 455.475Mhz, Zoo???

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thelad wrote:Zoo is still analogue on 3 the frequencies listed by Ofcom using tones.
:lol: Cool,even though i no longer live in Chester it is good to know it is still analogue even though the "experts" tried to discredit what i was listening to way back in 2012 when i lived less than 2 miles from Chester zoo, yet 5 yrs later it seems Chester zoo are still analogue,fantastic pal ;) :lol:
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Re: 455.475Mhz, Zoo???

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It's always the case that what you hear locally is very different from the 'facts' reported by using WTR or published lists. Scanning has always relied on what you yourself can hear, and the information from a distance is just supporting this. I've been looking at ofcom's local information. The locations are wrong, the frequencies are usually right, but somewhere else. Tones and other details rarely correct. Some sites list two frequencies and there are multiple aerials. Some listed as VHF have UHF beams, quite interesting working out who they really are. We have others on the parking frequencies and hire channels who have been there for years. The other thing we forget is that when somebody applies for a new license for their new equipment, the old kit is often laying around, and the important people use the new, but the cleaners and general staff dust off the old and use it as extra radios. Certainly one local holiday centres now does this. Their old frequency isn't listed in the WTR, but it's still in use for what appear to be gardeners?
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Re: 455.475Mhz, Zoo???

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Got back from there this week.

Seemed everyone was using Motorola DP4000 series radios, some being the newer DP4600e radios.

Didn't end up taking a scanner as SWMBO would have probably left me there..

Sounded from the audio like they were using digital (call recieve tone, compressed audio etc). Also noticed some new looking ariels, a four stack on the monkey house and a tower full of folded dipoles on one side of site.

Have they finally changed over?
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Re: 455.475Mhz, Zoo???

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I heard analogue traffic only a couple of weeks ago from Chester zoo on this frequency but now silent. Tuning around I have now found clear DMR on 440.450mhz which sounds like a zoo. Checked ofcom site and the following are the zoo. 440.45. 440.65. 440.05. 440.225.440.8625 but have only heard voice on 440.45mhz. This is a new allocation for the zoo from January 2017 according to ofcom site. Neil
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