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Posted: 11 Sep 2008, 23:51
by Lowlofe
Hello there
This is my first post so bare with me
I am from northamton town center and i cant seem to find anything with my scanner, does anyone have any suggestions on frequencies,

also the police community support officers here carry a tetra radio AND a Motorola GP340, anyone heard any transmissions ??


Posted: 13 Sep 2008, 22:21
by oliverp
The GP340 will be the local Shopwatch radio so just check those frequencies.

Re: Northampton

Posted: 03 Jul 2009, 16:23
by Farty
The Motorolas are for the Northampton Retail Crime Initiative and at night the pubs/clubs use them. The Motorolas link to the local council CCTV centre, who can then relay infor to the police via their own TETRA handset.

Re: Northampton

Posted: 05 Sep 2009, 21:21
by Lowlofe
Now almost one year later i return with a lot of shopwatch northampton information
some of these codes include the pubwatch ones, but i spose all is better than none!

Mobile 1 Certain Council van (does patrols of the carparks)
November Golf Certain Grovsnoer center
Romeo Mike Certain Marks and Spencer
Romeo Delta Certain Boots
Sierra Zulu Certain Prestige Amuzements
Tango November Certain Cool Trader (kingsthorp)
Tango Sierra Certain CO-OP (Newland Road)
Romeo Brava Certain Beatties
Romeo Kilo Certain BHS
Quebec November Certain Jane Norman
Papa Charley 04 Certain Police Officer
Papa Charley 03 Certain Police Officer
Bravo Golf 1 Certain One stop shop
Romeo Sierra Certain New look in November Golf
Romeo Hotel Certain HMV
Papa Hotel 33 Certain Sol Central
Sierra Charley Certain Homebargains
November Charley 35 Certain Roadmender
November Charley 08 Certain Chicago Rock

November Charley (has red ropes outside.. poss urban tiger
Romeo Papa Poundland (abington street)
Sierra Lima 2 (Bus station?)
Quebec Papa
Sierra Lima 3 (Bus station?)
Quebec Charley
Bravo Golf 2
Hotel Golf
Sierra Lima 4 (Bus station?)
Papa Charley
Sierra Lima 5 (Bus station?)
Remeo Charley (clairs's accessories?)
Tango Zulu (some sort of mobile guy)
Charley Oscar 01 Posh under cover officer with a office somewhere
November Whiskey 1
Tango Victor 3
November Charley 08 Some sort of pub
Papa Hotel 98
November Charley 73
Sierra Mike (has to be notified about a broken gate in the grovsnor carpark)
Romeo Victor (sells kettle sets and areals apparently )
Romeo Xray (In november golf somewhere)
Sierra Romeo
Romeo Hotel
Qubec Foxtrot 1
Qubec Foxtrot 2
Papa Hotel 33

Just thought it might be of some interest to someone
regs alex

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Posted: 25 Mar 2010, 16:01
by 26WD40
what freq thay on then !

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Posted: 12 Jun 2010, 19:35
by lfaulkneruk
Does anyone know the pubwatch frquency? Ive got shopwatch but theres nothing to listen to at night :(

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Posted: 23 Jun 2010, 09:40
by Farty
Oscar 1 is the Borough CCTV.

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Posted: 04 Sep 2010, 20:05
by ScotchEgg
Someone I know has recently bought a Bearcat scanner for listening to when parked up at work on the night shift. Usually he has a great location in the North side of Northampton so I would appreciate a few frequencies to fwd to him that he can scan around near to find activity on or even known frequencies of anything local he should be able to hear.

ty ;)

Re: Northampton

Posted: 14 Jun 2020, 22:40
by martinchapman80
here are a few northampton frequencies
Shopwatch (includes pubwatch & the bus station) 453.6250 460.1250 (Digital)
Grosvernor Centre 453.3250 459.8250 (Digital)
Market Walk Shopping Centre 462.07500 462.07500 (Analogue)